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Artificial Intelligence Consulting Services

AI Brook is a Group of AI-Expert Technology People Who Develop, Train and Deploy World-Class Machine Learning Models and Support Artificial Intelligence Powered Solutions

Technology Intelligence 

Deep learning has been one of the most innovative areas of AI in the last decade. Commercialization of AI has been spearheaded by deep learning algorithms and models based on multi-layer artificial neural networks

Computer Vision AI

CNN and neural network image recognition is a core component of deep learning for computer vision, which has many applications including e-commerce, gaming, automotive, manufacturing, and education.

Speech Recognition AI

ML model identifies words and phrases in spoken language and convert them to a machine-readable format

Conversational AI

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is an application of Artificial Intelligence that enables computers to process and understand human language

Computational and Analytical AI

Computational intelligence is a set of nature-inspired computational methodologies and approaches to address complex real-world problems

Machine Learning Process

A simplified framework to machine learning, the 5 main areas of the machine learning process

Data collection and preparation

Everything from choosing where to get the data, up to the point it is clean and ready for feature selection/engineering

Feature selection and feature engineering

This includes all changes to the data from once it has been cleaned up to when it is ingested into the machine learning model

Choosing the machine learning algorithm and training our first model

Getting a "better than baseline" result upon which we can (hopefully) improve

Evaluating our model

This includes the selection of the measure as well as the actual evaluation; seemingly a smaller step than others, but important to our end result

Model tweaking, regularization, and parameter tuning

This is where we iteratively go from a "good enough" model to our best effort

How We Serve You

AI Brook helps clients with end-to-end AI/ML models development, training, deployment.

Delivering brilliant outcomes for clients striving to solve today's challenges and grasp tomorrow's opportunities.

Build Models

Creating ML models from conceptualization to production is typically complex and time-consuming. Quantity and quality of data dictate accuracy of model.

Train/Test Models

Manage large amounts of data to train the model, choose the best algorithm for training it, manage the compute capacity while training it. Test the model against previously unseen data

Deploy Models

Deploy the model into a production environment

Upgrade Models

Tune model parameters for improved performance. Parameter tuning includes number of training steps, learning rate, initialization values and distribution

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